Democratising technology to enable and empower businesses and customers alike to reduce economic inequality.

…this is what we are upto.

Tucked away in the beautiful, serene neighborhood of Winsford, Cheshire, UK, we have been tinkering with technology since 2008. But the pandemic which brought the world to a standstill, urged us to build something to help our society bounce back.

Given our years of experience working with businesses large and small, we decided to build a tool to help businesses of all sizes, forms and nature to thrive, no matter what the circumstances are.

And thus happened the magic!

We are just about getting started and have a crystal clear vision and a long pipeline of exciting features planned. Join us with your blessings, support and evangelisation on our journey to level the playing field, and make this world a better place using technology.

Magicwant is brought to you by Foonza Media Limited, a private company incorporated in England.