Take Your Business Online & Grow it Using Contactless Interface

#TouchLess and #DoMore

Take your business online, in less than a minute and digitise it for contactless retail experience

Get customers to come and transact instore, schedule their arrival for later, or do curbside pickup depending on the nature of your business. All this and more, in a completely contactless interface which is the new normal.

Sign Up in a Jiffy

You will be online in less than a minute. No upfront costs and you get a 14 day Free trial!

Add Your Items

With simple drag & drop interface, even a child can create your catalogue

Setup your Team

Bring all your team on board to manage the shop using our sleek shopops mobile app

Promote online and offline

Promote your products online and/or offline and see the omnichannel magic.

Approach the guest only when you have to.

Serve customers contact less using magic want

Magicwant is not just a cute menu that pops out from a QR code. Everything in Magicwant happens digitally.

Here is more magic. You can pin point where the order came from, and manage its status from preparation to service to the guest checking out and all, remotely.

Only approach the guest to serve or if he calls for you – with a tap of magic button.

Just how you would beckon a cabincrew on a plane.

Touchless Menu

100% Touchless interface

Contactless is the way forward not only because of COVID-19, but also for convenience and efficiency. We help your business to go totally contactless.

Drag and Drop contactless Menu

Easy Drag & Drop Set up

Set up your online store and menu/catalogue with simple drag and drop interface. It’s so easy-peasy, that even a child can set it up and use it.

Covid-19 and corona safe restaurant management

Ensure Customer & Staff Safety

Contactless protocols is the No:1 priority for customers today. Magicwant in your store is a stamp of confidence for your team and customers alike.

shop business data dashboard

Intelligent Data & Analytics

Data Driven Decisions is what sets successful businesses from the rest. Use data and insights from our dashboard to grow your business.

Contactless walk in wait list management

Manage orders & Waitlist

Our intuitive range of features help you and your team to monitor and manage the entire customer interaction cycle from engagement, experience and transaction to checkout.

Touchless Ordermanagement

Personalise & Upsell

With Magicwant you can enrich your catalogue with images, videos and recommendations to boost upsells. Features like ‘holler button’ induce trust in your customers and aids their comfort.

Touchless Order Management

Process Orders Faster

Magicwant works in real-time, so that you save every precious second while managing your shop operations. Track and manage seats, orders, payments, checkout etc. lightning speed.

Seat Management Application

Boost Seat Utilisation

Optimum Seat utilisation is critcal for businesses like restaurants, diners etc. Our tools help you to manage waitlist, assign tables, move seats and do more to ensure your seat are optimally utilised.

So many features, So powerful and So easy to use?

Yes! That is the Magic.

Well… It’s technology actually.

We created Magic Want to help businesses overcome a whole new crisis of a whole new proportion. To make it helpful and affordable for businesses of all kinds, we decided to keep the pricing fair and simple.

$10 per month*

Up to 2 Shops | Unlimited Team | Unlimited QR Spots | Unlimited Items

Just $5/month for every additional shop

Contactless shop operation software
  • Touchless Ordering Interface to ensure Customer and Employee Safety
  • No Need for Customers to download any app
  • Digital Menu with Upsell and Recommendations Options
  • Generate QR Spots for Offline and Online Locations
  • Team App to Manage Service, Billing & Operations
  • Take orders for Pickup, Store Visit, Delivery etc
  • Manage Waitlist and Walk-ins
  • Seat Management and Utilisation
  • Engagement Tools
  • A Lightweight & Intelligent Shop Management Tool
  • Reservation Management
  • Analytics Dashboards to monitor Operational Efficiency
  • Track Revenue Generation and Build Data Intelligence
  • ….and more features coming soon

Touchless and contactless restaurant management software