It has almost been a year since COVID-19 brought havoc in our day-to-day lives. The excitement to stay, and work from home has slowly dwindled, however, the introduction of vaccine would bring back our lives to the old tracks, hopefully. 

As the famous saying goes, ‘Everything has a silver lining’ and this proves true in the case of COVID as well. We are more aware of hygiene practices, the importance of good health, and mental well-being. Besides, several industries have taken a leap in modernization, which wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Below we discuss some of the ways the world has benefitted and reoriented itself to work in the post-pandemic times. 

Government guidelines for business and workplaces

Since the beginning of the pandemic, every government has been constantly trying to protect its citizens. As per Business Today, the world has collectively spent more than $11.7 trillion in dealing with this health disaster. It is estimated that to avoid this disaster in the first instance, we only had to spend $15-20 billion. A proper vision and health exigency preparation would’ve kept large-scale expenses and psychological traumas at bay. 

Good thing is, governments around the world have seemed to learn their lessons. For instance, the Indian Ministry of Labour & Employment released a draft model standing order, giving statutory backing to the ‘Work from home’ concept. Also, the recent annual budget saw a whopping 137% increase in health and wellness-related allocation. 

Likewise, the Canadian government in its fiscal plan pledged C$1 bn to help provinces and territories improve COVID-19 infection control in long-term care facilities. 

A new contactless era

A trip to McDonald’s would amaze you with the way contactless menu technology is utilized by them. You don’t have to touch the menu any or even pay through hard cash if you don’t wish to. All these innovations have removed human intervention from clerical tasks, so they could be employed in areas where human mind application is required. Other professions such as legal practice, software engineering, and even medicine saw the adoption of technology to their advantage. 

The road ahead

While the ill-effects of the pandemic have been unprecedented, no doubt it has been a blessing in disguise in many ways. We hope profound lessons are learned so the disaster doesn’t get repeated and serves as a lesson for the future course of action.

Photo by Jeswin Thomas on Unsplash