We believe in democratising technology to reduce economic inequality. We created Magicwant to help businesses, especially the small and medium ones, to grow and thrive using technology no matter what the circumstances are.

To make it helpful and affordable for businesses of all kinds, we decided to keep the pricing fair and simple. You get all the features for a flat fixed monthly fees. There are no set up or hidden charges. Plus you also get a 14 day Free trial.

$10 per month*

Up to 2 shops | Unlimited Team | Unlimited QR Spots | Unlimited Menu Items

Just $5/month for every additional shop

A Short Glossary For You to Familarise Magicwant


A Facility, is an outlet, or shop which has its own unique menu. eg: A hotel with three restaurants has three Facility. If they have a separate Room Service Menu, it is an additional Facility.


Your staff or personnel you want to add as part of your team to manage the operations of your facility. You can give access to team independently for each facility to streamline your operations. eg: A steward can be given access to only the coffeeshop and not to other facilties.
You can also give your management or owners access only to the dashboards and reports, so that they are not inconvenienced with the operations bit, but still has visibilty into the data and analytics.

QR Spot

A QR Spot is a patch of QR code which is works as a unique identifier for the location it is assigned. Eg: You can name a QR Spot as Seat 10, and fix it on Seat number 10 in your salon. When a guests scans that QR code and start placing orders or purchases, you will be able to view and manage the same from your Magicwant Shopops app manned by your team. You can edit and change the name of a QR spot any time and can also change its location. Just remember to name it appropriately to help you identify the source of each customer order/selection


A Menu is a detailed list of your products or services categorised under various sections with corresponding prices and option to order. A menu can contain any number of Menu Items. Eg: Menu of a cafe can have any number of dishes or a Menu of a salon can have any number of services. Magicwant gives you a freehand with the number of Menu Items, because we are doing all we can to see you successful.