The quintessential omnichannel sales & business digitisation tool to grow your business.


of shoppers use multiple channels like whatsapp, social media, print media, search, online stores, amongst others, before making a purchase. And they expect options such as delivery, curbside pickup, in-shop or pre-order for fulfillment. Be where your customers are.

Start, Sell, Promote and Manage using one single product.

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Magicwant is all you need

You do not need any additional softwares or hardware. Run your business right from your smartphone. Magicwant comes with one unified product suite that will enable you to focus on growing your business, instead of scrambling to run it.

One unified product with three apps

Native Mobile App for Your Team

Your entire team can handle a myriad of shop operations using our native iOS and android mobile application.Get your entire team onboard. There is no limit.

Web application for the Decision Makers

Business owners and managers can set up and manage key functions of your shop with ease using our intuitive web application.

Start, Sell, Promote and Manage using one single product suite.

Only $6 per shop for a month’s usage

Progressive Web App for Your Customers

Your customers can transact with your business anytime, anywhere based on your settings with the click of a link or scan of a QR code. No need to download any apps.

Now available for these industries

Magicwant is now available for Food & Beverage and Retail businesses of all sizes and economic activity. If you are an existing or a new business operating in any of these industries, get yourself the power of Magicwant right away.

Food & Beverage Businesses

Magicwant is ideal for all kind of F&B businesses such as Restaurants, Cloud Kitchens, QSRs, Cafes and many more.

Retail Businesses

Corner store, Grocery or a Florist? No matter what retail business you are into, Magicwant will help you

Start, Sell, Promote and Manage using one single product suite.

Only $6 per shop for a month’s usage

Technology to level up with the biggies

With Magicwant, we bring the latest cutting edge technology right into your hands, so that you too may improve your business and life. Now is your time to level up with the biggies.

Be on the move

Thanks to the Real-Time technology at work, you can now monitor and manage your business anytime from anywhere.

Use easily

Using Magicwant is not just easy, it is fun too. User interfaces are super intuitive, easy to understand and to use for anyone.

Free up resources

Magicwant remarkably increases your operational efficiency so that you can release your manpower for other tasks.

Start, Sell, Promote and Manage using one single product suite.

Only $6 per shop for a month’s usage

A simple, straightforward, usage-based pricing

Our usage-based, metered PAYG pricing model will enable and empower businesses with technology so that they can thrive alongside giant corporates. We believe this will democratise technology, thus reducing economic inequality.

Join now and get this launch offer for one year!

Only $6 per shop for a full month’s usage

There is More! Checkout All The Amazing Features

Easy Drag & Drop Set Up

Get started in a few minutes using intuitive user interfaces such as clicks, drag & drop and bulk actions.

Usage based pricing

Pay only for what you use. Our refreshing way of pricing is designed to give you peace of mind and enable you to focus on your growing your business.

Contactless for Safety

#Touchless is the way forward, not only because of COVID-19, but also for convenience and efficiency.

Intelligent Data & Analytics

A growing range of data analytics and reports to give you intelligent insights and make accounting tasks a breeze.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Magicwant currently works great for all kinds of Food & Beverage business as well as Retail businesses. Our vision is to enable any kind of businesses to use Magicwant, and we are at work to add Tools that will make Magicwant more business-agnostic.

All you need is your laptop and mobile phone – and a printer, if you wish to. Let us explain. You can use Magicwant web application on any laptop/desktop and the Shopops app (which your team will use to manage shop operations) on iOS and Android devices. You can choose to connect these apps to your printer or choose to save paper and use electronic shareable invoices and order tickets instead.

Magicwant has a built-in POS. So you would not need another one. You can digitise your entire option including selling, processing, checkout and payment using Magicwant.

Of course! You get a FREE trial for 14 days. If you are joining using a referral code given to you by one of our current users, you get a free trial of 30 days. Either ways, you have ample time to try out Magicwant, set it up for your business, use it and fall in love it.

Yes dear. It is Pay As You Go in its truest sense. So, if you use a feature for 10 days only in a month, you only pay for those 10 days. It is that simple and straightforward.

You simply pay for what you consume. Say your shop was only operational for 15 days in a month. Simply stop the service and you will only get charged for the remaining days. Similarly, simply activate Tools as and when you need them and pay only for how much you use them. Eg: You can choose to activate the ‘Coupons’ tool only for the two lean months in your business and then stop it, and you will only get charged for the exact number of days you used it for. You can activate it again whenever you need it.

Yes indeed! The Shop Ops app from Magicwant that your team would use to manage shop operations is absolutely FREE. And you do know that you can add any number of team members to your business, right?

No dear; we are not a charity. We are a private limited company, but with a vision to democratise technology to bridge economic divide. We are on a mission to enable the smallest business in our neighbourhood have access to the latest cutting-edge technology to grow their business and contribute to their local economy.