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Create branded QR codes for your catalogues
Now promote your catalogue inside your store, on tables, in news paper ads, billboards etc and be able to monitor its effectiveness via engagements and orders they generated. All these in real time.
Create links for your catalogues
Grab unique links to your catalogues and publish them on your website, social media and even share through whatsapp and other messaging services. Monitor engagement and conversions from each link.
Whatsapp Queries
Integrate your whatsapp into the catalogue and let customers whatsapp you with their queries and orders.
Choose from multiple Service Options
Choose any/all service options depending your nature of business and preference. Customise versions of the same catalogue with different service options such as in-store, pickup, arrive later, delivery etc. You can create versions with either or all of these options too.
In Store Service Options
Let your customer interact and place orders from your catalogue inside your store
Pickup Service Options
Let your customer place orders from your catalogue and choose to come and do a store or curbside pickup at a prescheduled date and time.
Arrive Later Service Options
Let your customer place orders from your catalogue and choose to come at a prescheduled time to avail the service inside your store.
Delivery Service Options
An end to end delivery option including the tool for your delivery team is available as an additional tool. You can visit your toolkit to checkout all the additional tools available.
Unlimited Items
We know you have abundance of goodness to offer. So go ahead. Add any number of items to your catalogue to make it enticing for your customers.
Offer your products in multiple variants if required. Add multiple variations to products for sizes, portions, colors, or materials and assign their own price.
Easily create categories to make it easier for your customers to access an item from your catalogue.
Package Charges
Add a custom flat package charge or set it individually for each item if you wish. Package charges will automatically apply for Pick up and Delivery service options.
Set Customised tax
Create tax components based on your requirements and set it for your items as needed.
Create filter options
Create filtering options to help you customers filter the items based on any criterion you wish to offer. eg: Vegan, Reduced etc
Forward to Stores
Have multiple stores offering same catalogue categories or items? Sure! You will love our catalogue forwarding feature with which you can same precious time by simply forwarding categories/items to other spaces/stores.
Hide and Out of Stock Options
Get more flexibility and convenience by being able to simple hide out an item from the menu or simply show them as Out of stock.
Media Options
Make your catalogue more attractive and compelling by adding rich imagery.
Monitor and Process Orders
Monitor and process orders coming from offline and online Magicwant sources in real-time. Evaluate source engagement and attend to orders promptly using Magicwant Shop Ops mobile app.
Update Order Status
Let your team update order status through its every stage so that the customer and rest of the concerned team members are constantly informed and updated. Even your delivery team can be ready and prompt, thanks to the real-time status updates.
Print Order Tickets
Does your business case require your staff to print an order ticket before an order is processed? Magicwant comes with a convenient Order Ticket Printing option which your team can do from the Magicwant Shop Ops Mobile App or the Merchant Web Application.
No apps to download for customers
Customers do not have to download any app. They can can access your catalogue with a simple click or scan your branded Magicwant QR code using their smart phone camera.
Multiple Service Options
Offer all service options such as In-Store, Pick Up, Arrive Later and Delivery to your customers and grow your business on all fronts.
FREE app for your Team
Your team will get a FREE native app to monitor and manage orders and overall operations in your store.
Accept Online Payments
Accept online payments from your customers and have the amount credited to your account directly. We have partnered with Stripe – the most trusted name in global payment solutions for payment processing. We do not charge any commissions on these payments and only the standard Stripe transaction charges for your country will apply, which usually is the most competitive in the market.
Accept Offline Payments
If you prefer to accept offline payments from your customers you can choose to do that as well.
Digital & Printed Receipts
If you prefer to print receipts over and above the digital versions generated on the customer’s Progressive Web App, you may choose to do so from the Magicwant Shop Ops app or the Merchant Web Application.
Refunds for your Customers
You can track and monitor all refund requests from your Shop ops app and process them offline. This gives you total flexibility in terms of processing the refunds based on scenarios and business policies.
Customised Branding
You can customise your Magicwant Space (store) and catalogue using your own logo, cover image and can also customise the button colour and text that your customers would see on your catalogue.
Store address and contact
Update your store address, location on map and contact details including your whatsapp number.
Business Timing
Update your business timings as per your wish. Have different break times during a day? Sure! Use the intuitive business settings features from the merchant web application to set it up easily.
Temporary Closures
Have a valid reason to close your business for a few days? You can let your customers know about this temporary closure with a flick of a switch.

A FREE Native Mobile Application
Your team gets a suave, FREE, native mobile application to manage all your store operations.
Unlimited number of staff
You can add any number of staff to your team. Go ahead, focus on growing your business We got this.
Rights and Privileges
Get powerful operational control by setting what actions each of your team member can and cannot do.
Contactless Interface
Magicwant was built with post pandemic world in mind. You have all the features at your fingertips to run the entire operations in a completely contactless interface. This will help you keep yourself, your team and your customers safe and retain their confidence in you.
Delivery Team Feature
If your business use the delivery feature, your team will automatically get the delivery feature in the Shop Ops App, using which they can find the location, get directions and fulfill the entire delivery service.
Process All Orders
Your team can use the FREE Shop Ops App to monitor and process all kinds of orders such as In Store, Arrive Later, Pick Up and Delivery. The app will also enable your team to attend and assist any customers who request for your assistance using the inbuilt ‘Holler Button’ inside the customer app.
View Order History and Status
Your team can sort and filter all orders based on date range, status etc inside the Shop Ops App, to stay on top to ensure operational efficiency.
No Apps to Download
App fatigue is real, and we know it. So we have saved your customers the trouble of having to download another app. To access your catalogue all they have to do is click a link or scan a QR code using their smartphone camera.
Direct Contact Options
Customers go through various channels and mediums before making a purchase decision. Through our built in integrations a customer can quickly call your published business phone, find directions to your location or message you on whatsapp seamlessly if required.
Holler Button
Customers can beckon your staff by clicking a button in their customer app. Just like how you would beckon a cabin crew in an airplane. Your staff will be able pin point where the request came from and rush in to attend, serve and delight.

Your Customer Data
You have access to all your order history and customer data.
Transactional Data
Get insights into your business performance in a snapshot. We will continue to roll out more insights and reports for your core transactions.
Real Time Reports
You can also monitor engagement, orders and transactional value in real time from your main dashboard at any time.

Need more magical powers? Sure we have got a toolkit for you.

Some businesses need extra powers to serve their unique requirements. We are putting together a ever expanding toolkit with some awesome tools you will love. These tools are again priced as PAYG and based on usage only. You can activate and use them anytime you want.

Our ever growing list of toolkit.

You can find this toolkit under each of your spaces. You can activate and use them anytime you want. You will only be charged based on your usage on your billing date.

In-Store Service Option

A must have, for almost all kinds of businesses which have customers availing the services/products while inside the store. eg: Restaurants, Cafe’s Salon, Spa etc. The In-Store tool enables you to display catalogue QR sources on respective locations, monitor and process orders placed via those sources.


Arrive Later Service option

A great service options to offer your customers who would like to place their order and pay for it in advance to avoid waiting time in your store. This feature enables customers to mention the date and time of their arrival along with their order. Payments for this option are done via online option only.


Delivery Service Option

A full-fledged delivery service management feature. Set delivery area, distance based delivery charges and minimum order value for delivery. Once activated, customers will get ‘delivery’ also as an option when they place orders. Your team can monitor and manage orders. . . more


for a month’s usage

Discount Coupons

Create and offer custom coupon codes for your customers to entice them to order more and come back for more. The powerful coupon management feature enables you to create various kind of coupons for various scenarios and use cases.


for a month’s usage

Pickup Service Option

Curbside pickup and pickup from stores are one of the most preferred and growing mode of services opted by customers worldwide, after the pandemic. This feature enables your customers to place their order and pay for it in advance to be able to come and pick it up at a scheduled date and time.


More on the way…